Songs of June

For nearly two decades, Jamiroquai has released music to the masses that has included a melting pot of genres. Notably known as one of the forerunners of the acid jazz genre, their experimentation with different sounds has given the group longevity and success worldwide. The versatility in their music provides the listener with choices based on their musical prefences and attitude. Need a bouncy dance song? “Canned Heat.” A slow jam? “Everyday.” So you enjoy lyricism? Well take a listen to “Manifest Destiny.” If I’m not in the mood to listen to hip-hop music, Jamiroquai is one of the go-to artists for to me to listen to.

We’re halfway through the month of June and temperatures are creeping towards 100 degrees and your “Summer playlist” can never have too many songs. Two songs by the British group that conjure up sun baked images of June are “Butterfly” and “Seven Days In Sunny June.” The former was released on their 1999 album Synkronized, the latter on their Dynamite released in 2005.


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