My Interpretation

The other day I downloaded Skyzoo’s latest mixtape The Great Debater and it reminded me how much I enjoyed his debut album The Salvation.

For Skyzoo, The Salvation was an album that he had spent his whole life planning and it shows in the music. On the first track, aptly named “The Opener” he states on the hook, “24/7, 365, 25 years embedded in these lines, if I push the pen past the margin on the side, you can feel the words and every part of them is I.” The album was all about him to the core, no phony rap persona, just Sky honest with his lyrics.

One of the standouts on The Salvation was “My Interpretation,” an example of the sincerity in his lyrics and a solidly crafted song. As always, Best Kept Secret came correct on the production with the go-go influenced beat over a sample of “Back To The Projects” by Johnny Hammond.

prod. Best Kept Secret

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