Flyin Away

Ty & Kory – Flyin Away

A couple months back, I was transcribing an interview of Taz Arnold from Sa-Ra and he was talking about people wearing his Ti$a brand (Chris Brown,  Big Sean, YG, etc.)  He brought up Ty$, you probably heard him on Pac Div songs and he’s a frequent collaborator with YG. Taz was talking about trying to sign a group Ty was in a few years back, so I looked up the group, Ty & Kory, and found this song. The song is melodic, features an unexpected yet hilarious chorus, and most importantly is DOPE. The mixtape dropped in 2008 features the duo singing over instrumentals from producers like J Dilla and Kanye West. Recently, Ty$ dropped a mixtape titled Hou$e On The Hill. I’m not sure what Kory is up to though. Either way Raw & Bangin Vol. 2 was solid effort.


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