Organic Relaxtion


 “Stop smiling!”

“What the f*ck Rome?”

“Do you care?”

“Go get Brown.”

Words that a young Rome Brown heard in his organized basketball playing days. Some say I half-assed it, others said I sucked, some said I didn’t care. All three could be possibly true, but I look back on my athletic career and it was eventful, I traveled to lots of places, won a bunch of games, met people, I even got a chance to go to AAU Nationals in 2004. At times I recall the things people said and I think “damn maybe they were right.” I could’ve went harder and showed that I cared.

When it comes to music I’m no purist, but if somebody wants to do a tribute, sample a classic, or even rap over a classic instrumental it should be done right. Not half-assed like a 15 year old version of me playing basketball. Cleveland emcee, TIME, recently released the visuals for “Organic Relaxation,” a song from his latest mixtape OverGrind 2. The familiar instrumental is that of  “Electric Relaxation” by A Tribe Called Quest. He added his own twist to the classic, by crafting an ode to nature’s healing leaf. Don’t know where I’m going…..But I know that I’m gone!


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