Every Record Label

A lot of people ask me about my opinion on Odd Future and their music. I’m kind of partial to it. They have better production and lyrics than the majority of their contemporaries. And I can f*ck with that, but content wise what they’re doing isn’t is new. Horrocore, shock rap, whatever you label it as, has been out before the Odd Future members were born. Plus their whole schtick seems forced, just on some rebellion sh*t. What kind of clout you got when you eating ice cream in Samoa?

Now RA the Rugged Man’s persona was no facade or front, dude is/was flat out crazy. Crustified Dibbs was RA’s handle in his early days and Night of the Bloody Apes was the title of his shelved album. The scruffy caricature of RA holding a bloody meat cleaver on the album cover hinted at the type of content that was on the album.  The tentative release year was 1994 and a memorable songs from that album was “Every Record Label Sucks Dick.” It was produced by Buckwild and features a sample of “Capricorn” by the Cannonball Adderley Quintet. 

prod. by Buckwild

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