Nah they 10’s…

“They nice tho!”

TiRon ft. Miguel- Go

Day-Day had to lie about the rims on his BMW. I won’t lie to yall about my Ford. My vehicle has nearly 220,000 miles, actually it’s more but the odometer stops rolling sometimes. The windows don’t roll down at times, the CD player doesn’t play CD-Rs or RWs (it said it did when I bought it), and the speaker goes out if you hit a bump in the road. It’s not perfect, not the most appealing vehicle on the road, and definitely isn’t the newest. However, it does get me from point A to B and the gas doesn’t cost too much. It is what it is, I can’t complain.

Explaining my meager mode of transportation to females is a different story. The ’96 is a stopgap until I graduate and my income increases. I just can’t afford a nice whip with GPS, nice rims, and a nice sound system.

“Go,” by Chi-Town Kankakee, IL native  TiRon is a windows down, 90 degree day, pretty girl in the passenger seat anthem. Miguel’s crooning on the track about a whip that is just ordinary makes it perfect for a sunny day. So if any females are willing to take a ride in my version of a Lacville 79 holla at me.


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