Fat Cats, Bigga Fish

People talk to me about the Illuminati, selling souls to the devil, and a boatload of other stuff they saw on a YouTube video and it goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t doubt that there are hidden messages and ulterior motives in the way mass media is presented, but I’d rather spend time focusing on real issues.

“Fat Cats, Bigga Fish” features underrated storyteller Boots Riley of telling his homies about street level hustles that he’s done. Over a funky bassline sample from “The Rub” by George and Gwen McCrae he details the time he used stolen bus passes,  to pickpocketing, to flirting with a girl to get a free hamburger. The last story (verse) is a gem, he slyly makes his way into a function with bigwigs of Oakland and eavesdrops on a conversation between the mayor and an owner of Coca-Cola bottling.Watch the exchange:

Gentrification, political corruption, and under the table deals are happening all around the country. While we’re worried about Jay-Z selling his soul to get millions of dollars, we really should be worried about the aforementioned issues that hit close to home.

Boots’ story shows that everybody feels like they’re hustling harder than the next man but in the end we’re being played on level larger than we can imagine. I’m not knocking anybody hustle, get money the way you know how, but it’s time to get informed about real issues and be PROACTIVE.

George & Gwen McCrae- The Rub

The Coup- Fat Cats, Bigga Fish
prod. by Boots Riley

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