Almost Famous

I found out about Will’s Stoned On Marta in November from Maurice Garland’s site. This whole tape has replay value. I’ve played it at the crib, on my phone/MP3 player, and it was a road trip soundtrack as well. So, a post about a song from Stoned on Marta is overdue.

Growing up we all had our aspirations to be “famous.” For some youngsters it was becoming a pro basketball player, only to find out they would only grow to 5’9” and not have the skills. For others it was dreams of becoming a singer, but they couldn’t hit all the notes. Sometimes we aren’t good enough and other times we just don’t do what it takes to be successful. “Almost Famous” is Will’s rejection of mediocrity over a smooth instrumental by production duo Instrospective Minds.

A dedication to your crafts gets you far as Will spits on the hook: “We don’t scribble through all those pages just to be almost, almost, almost famous, we in the studio while yall out playing, cuz hard work today enables you to ball out later”

Will makes his mission clear as he states:

“Nigg*s ain’t in the game for what I’m in it to accomplish/revive Atlanta music and get rid off all the nonsense”

We live in a microwave society where we want success, fame, and money overnight, with as little work as possible. Sometimes we settle for mediocrity but as “Almost Famous” states, you still have to work a little bit to reach your desired level of success.

Head over to Will’s Bandcamp page to download Stoned on Marta.


3 thoughts on “Almost Famous

  1. Once again you deliver with some good stuff, @RomeBrown !!

    This song right here is a well-executed job on both mic & boards! Good laid-back music, easy to listen to when kind of zoning out but still substantial enough sick when you listen to every word! I'll mos def check that Bandcamp link!

    Thanks for introducing! One of these days I shall gotta hook you to some dope music too!

  2. Yeah! And you “paid me back” by bringing forth a Bandcamp link of H.I.S.D's The Weakend to my attention. You mentioned it on some TSS article.

    SheetRock >>> ____

    Oh well one can never have enuff of good music!

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