4/20: Five Songs to Roll Up To

Photo Courtesy of hailmaryjane.com

True, there are only a few hours left in “4/20,” but if you’re a true smoker everyday is a day to light up your favorite strain of the sticky green. So you can add this to your smoking playlist and get HIGH! Check after the jump for the songs.

This is the song that got B.o.B signed. If you associate him with the pop rap hits from The Adventures of Bobby Ray, then let this song reacquaint yourself with the the rapper B.o.B.

Songs about Mary Jane are one of Devin’s staples. If someone is looking for a feature, Devin is one of the go to guys for the typical weed song.”Sticky Green” is one of the songs that got me hooked to Devin’s music. His content is more than weed songs though. Look through previous material on this blog to see examples of that.

This song and everything by Gangsta Pat don’t get respect they deserve. One of the pioneers of Memphis rap, this song dropped in 1995. It samples “Lady in My Life” by Michael Jackson.

Sleepy’s Theme is an oft forgotten Dungeon Family trio headlined by Sleepy Brown. The whole album has a hazy, 1970’s vibe and is the perfect smoker’s soundtrack. In “Still Smokin,” the hook borrows a portion of Andre 3000’s verse on “Thought Process” (Goodie Mob).

“Smokers Anthem” is a track from Rotha Vandross’s second studio album. He rhymes over the “Flex Riddim” and rolls up an ode to marijuana. 

To check out a site where EVERYDAY is 4/20 check out hailmaryjane.com


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