This is Elevator Musik

April 21 marks two years since the release of one of my favorite albums of ALL TIME. Curren$y’s This Ain’t No Mixtape. Before its release I wasn’t really checking for him. Despite his XXL cover and the mixtapes over the 12+ months, I slept. I was a fan of a few older songs, but nothing more than that. I saw the hype behind TANM and I checked it out. The summer of 2009, will forever be remembered for this album along with Rick Ross’s Deeper Than Rap. They stayed in rotation and just had that feel good vibe. One of the standouts on TANM was “Elevator Musik,” produced by Monsta Beatz. Dee-Low and Jean LePhare sample a portion of “Sustah Sustah” by Ahmad Jamal and provide Curren$y with a canvas for his marijuana themed track. ¬†

prod. by Monsta Beatz

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