I Love This Game!

When making this post all I could think of was the old NBA slogan. It’s a simple, yet honest proclamation  about something you really enjoy. Check after the jump to see why I love this “game.”

 A lot of people ask me what the purpose of my blog is, when there are sites out there like whosampled.com and guys out there like Kevin Nottingham and Ivan of Hip Hop Is Read who post samples and sample sets. While those sites are dope and I glean a lot from them, I reply to people that I like to add a little background info and my opinion as well. Another reason is because there are lots of records that have been sampled that haven’t been identified. I look at myself as a 21st century “crate digger,” I don’t scour through vinyl records to find samples and I don’t always have the funds to buy vinyl records to find samples, but believe me if I did have I would be at the mom & pop shop regularly. I’m a product of the P2P generation and MP3s, so I use that “crate digger” term loosely. While I doubt a great deal of people still physically crate dig I use the resources I have to try identify samples. So with the resources I have hand me down CDs, sample sets, previous knowledge—I make do and try to share the samples I find. It’s something productive to do, it’s educational, and most importantly I love to do it.

Just look at the article I posted about the “Shook Ones Pt. II” sample, people out there still genuinely love to find samples.

The following is an example of how and why I love to write about samples and my love of music.

“Galaxy” by Mass Production was on my computer because it was sampled by 9th Wonder in “Away From Me” by Little Brother. I checked the “last played” tab and saw I hadn’t listened to it since 6/24/2009, so I let it ride. I get towards the end of the song and I hear a familiar portion of the song. I jog my memory and library and I find that the song was sampled in “Galaxy” by Blood Type and “H.O.C” by Kendrick Lamar.

I love this sh*t!

Blood Type’s “Galaxy” samples the vocals and can be found throughout most of the song.

Hit the 5:01 mark to peep the “H.O.C” sample.

Mass Production – Galaxy
Blood Type – Galaxy
prod. by Best Kept Secret
Kendrick Lamar – H.O.C.
prod. by Drop

5 thoughts on “I Love This Game!

  1. Ahhh… the pleasure of encountering a FAMILIAR sample in a NEW song. Only our chosen genre has this ability to make the well-worn music sound absolutely fresh again!

    Great work my friend! Keep em coming!!

    *searches for Mass Production discog in archives*

  2. Oh and that “2 Weeks Notice” is such a good release. Though its a shame dat its heading straight for one of the most overlooked mix-albums of 2011.

    It seems only you and me are spinning it! Oh well cant blame others, ReturnOf4Eva is highly addictive! haha

  3. Yeah, I was geeked like a kid on Christmas when I found the sample lol. 2WN is standing strong next to Return of 4eva in my rotation, a bunch of mix-albums have gotten bumped out of the rotation since R4 dropped. 2WN has replay value. I gotta keep showing it love, so people can get familiar.

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