Iodine Poison

“We eat so many shrimp, we got iodine poisoning”

I listened to midwestboxframecadillacmuzik for the first time in a while last week. I played it three times straight like the first time I heard it. There were some dope samples all throughout this project so I decided to post the samples from one of my favorite songs by Gangsta Gibbs.

Check the song and samples out after the jump.

“B*tch I’m Too Hard To Swallow/a son of Super Tight/was raised on Ridin Dirty/Dirty Money off the white/ kept a couple Side Hustles/the rapping was just a dream/laid that snap on the track like I was an Underground King

-Freddie Gibbs

In the my favorite lyrical UGK reference ever, Gibbs spits about all six UGK albums (if you count Side Hustles), in chronological order on the second verse of “Iodine Poison.” UGK, more specifically Pimp C’s, influence on Freddie Gibbs is unmistakable. The title of this song, the references to him in interviews, and the brash opinions are reminiscent of the late Chad Butler. He has forged a relationship with Bun B that has resulted in the formation of the group, Pulled Over By The Cops (with The Cool Kids, Chip Tha Ripper, and The Blended Babies), which has churned out solid music, but it’s not the same as being on a song with Pimp C.

A Pimp C vocal sample from T.I.’s “Front Back” over Minnie Riperton’s “Inside My Love” sets this song off as a perfect Pimp C tribute.

With all that said everytime I hear a song by the Gary, Indiana native I wonder what a song with Pimp C would sound like.

R.I.P. Pimp C

prod. by Fresh Chuck Daily

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