Mixtapes from March

You’ll like the way this sounds….I guarantee it.

 There have been some good mixtapes that have dropped over the past 4-6 weeks, I couldn’t post all that I enjoyed, but check the seven I did post after the jump. 


From The Westside With Love was my soundtrack for Spring 2010. A couple of songs on The OGDK had that spring/summer feel, but Dom came with a different sound. He brought ferocity to the mic on this one. On first listen I wasn’t feeling it, but this project definitely grew on me.
Standout Tracks: Turn Me Out, CDC, When You See Love

I saw retweets of this mixtape like “Fiend got another one?” Yes he does. Two months after Tennis Shoes & Tuxedos, International Jones released another mixtape. I wasn’t feeeling this one as much as TS & T, but it’s still smooth. 
Standout Tracks: The Sweetest Hangover, Make Summer Come Mixed Late, Lovin On You
This actually came out in February, but it deserves a spot in this post. OverDoz. is a crew from LA that I heard on “The 4 Heartbeats,”  I was eager to hear a full project from them and this didn’t disappoint. A combination of rapping and singing, Live for, Die for has songs that everbody can relate to, whether they be about drugs, clingy females, or sex.
Standout Tracks: Before We Go On, You’re Blowin It, Counting My Money

I heard the leak of “Fulla Sh*t” and Rittz’s appearance on “Box Chevy” by Yelawolf and I knew this project would be dope. His appearance might lead you to believe he’s a heavy metal drummer or something, but dude is a rapper with a lightning fast flow and dope lyrics as well. Yela, Big K.R.I.T., and 8Ball are on this mixtape as well.

Standout Tracks: White Jesus, Fulla Sh*t, No Friends

The Cool Kids are taking time off from group work to focus on solo projects. This is Mikey Rocks prelude to the album Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe. Dopeness on here.
Standout Tracks: Livin It Up, Summer Song, I See
This right here is niceeee. I’ve read people compare him to Drake, only with better vocals, and it’s a fair assessment. The Weeknd is a Toronto native and has received a co-sign from Drizzy himself. It’s difficult to pigeonhole this into one genre, you’ll hear singing, a little rapping, with electronic production and samples. This is the type of soundtrack you play with the females around, no doubt.
Standout Tracks: What You Need, The Morning, Coming Down

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