Prototype 3010

I don’t what it is, but as I have gotten older, more specifically the last 12-18 months I’ve been listening to less hip-hop and I have gravitated to a lot of  R&B songs. Maybe hip-hop isn’t a “grown man’s music?”

One artist I have enjoyed listening to is Jesse Boykins III. I first heard him in 2009 on “Cold Pillow” by Theophilus London, and I had the song on repeat for the majority of my freshman year of college. Fast forward to the summer of 2009 and I heard “Amorous” in the background of a YouTube video. On the strength of that song I bought The Beauty Created, which is straight love making music.

Since then JB3 he been featured on Zo!‘s album and the last Foreign Exchange album. His Beauty Created EP is straight love making music.

Earlier this week Boykins released a video/short film for his cover version of Andre 3000’s “Prototype.”  He opens his live shows with this cover and he did the joint justice. Check it out!

Due to my aforementioned affinity to soul/R&B music expect more posts similar to this song in my “What I’m On” posts.


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