Review of the Week: 2 Weeks Notice

I gave a notice two weeks ago about the upcoming review of 2 Weeks Notice.

I have decided to resurrect the Review of the Week post, so expect a few more of these posts. I’ll let you (the reader) give the projects a “rating,” I’ll just provide my analysis.

Chime in and read the review after the jump.

Chief and Stepson are Blood Type, a Miami duo, fed up with the the monotony of nine to five jobs and eager to blaze their own trail in the music industry. 2 Weeks Notice is their debut album.

The LP begins with a stirring intro from Big Rube, of the Dungeon Family, and continues with “Lemons” an auditory reminder to deal with the lemons in life (problems, disrespect, etc.) and make them lemonade (motivation and success).

One of the highlights of the LP comes on “Life of A Fool,” over a sample of Frank Sinatra’s “A Day In The Life of Fool,” Step plays the grimy role of a guy who messes around with the girlfriend of an unwitting victim —his friend—Chief’s character. Storytelling is used often in hip-hop, but often incorrectly executed conceptually, in this case it was clear, concise, and entertaining.

 For a relatively new group, Blood Type utilized their resources and released two videos and songs with some of the biggest up and coming artists including Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar, and Smoke DZA. The majority of the production was handled by XV (five tracks) and Best Kept Secret (four). 

A track not produced by XV or Best Kept Secret, “Writer’s Block” (featuring Emilio Rojas) was probably my favorite track. Produced by The Synthesis, the song details the emotions felt when experiencing writer’s block. As a blogger, student, and journalist, I am constantly writing. It could be a blog post, essay, or a news story, but roadblocks always appear when it comes to putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard , eventually  the words flow. The verses on this song are solid in their own right, but the hook is what really makes this song DOPE.

While the production was a strong point on 2 Weeks Notice, some tracks, namely “Da Money” lacked the overall appeal, mainly the hook, that “Writer’s Block” possessed. However, this album didn’t have any glaring weaknesses that take away from the listening experience.

One of the final tracks, “Nobody Knows,” describes how Chief and Step linked up to create what we know as Blood Type. 

With their 2 Weeks Notice in, Blood Type won’t have to return to the nine to five life anytime soon.

The Verdict: When I listen to music all I want is substance. Blood Type has concepts and substance behind their music. I’m really feeling 2 Weeks Notice, I could relate to it on so many levels. The unabashed lyrics really display how Blood Type didn’t hold back at all in crafting this album.

This will stay in my rotation for a long time.


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