Turn It Up, Make It Slapp!

The temperature is starting to rise, Spring is right around the corner. Everybody is getting their cars detailed, getting new rims put on, and making sure their speakers got that knock. I’m doing the same, minus the rims and speakers part. My speakers in my truck are factory speakers that rattle horribly when it comes to highs and lows, tweeters and a subs could handle that problem, but I just don’t want to shell out money for those accessories. Stalley released Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music) in early February and it has thoroughly disappointed…..my speakers. The constant assault that tracks like “Slapp” have committed on my speakers has made me reconsider my decision to not upgrade my sound system.

Rashad Thomas, also on the hook of “Slapp”, lays down production on the entire tape which lends Stalley a steady production slate to spit over. The familiar sample heard on “Slapp” is “Theme from the Planets” by Dexter Wansel. Among many others, L.E.G.A.C.Y.’s “TKO” and “Spotlight” by Wiz Khalifa also sampled Wansel’s 1976 jazz fusion number.


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