Still Sound

Toro Y Moi- Still Sound

I’m a chill guy most of the time, I’d rather spend time reading a book rather than going to the club, and I’m so cool they invented a genre for the cool in me. OK, not really, but chillwave is a relatively new genre whose forerunners include Toro Y Moi (govt. name Chaz Bundick), a 24 year old, Columbia, South Carolina resident. I’ve had chillwave in the rotation since the New Year began, so I felt it was time to give the genre some shine on the blog.

Chillwave is :

basically mellowed-out electronic music, often containing simple, gently looped melodies, samples, and almost always utilizing a series of filters and effects peddles to create a muddied, lo-fi sound of varying degree and intensity. This can, in many cases, create an eerie but not inherently dark textural effect that compliments a track marvelously. Other times, it can turn an otherwise decent track into absolute rubbish. Sometimes you don’t really even notice it. Some chillwavers like Ducktails (who I didn’t realize until recently was even labeled as such, but is nonetheless a great artist) make use of guitars and non-electronic instruments and arrangements as well.                                                                                      

Personally, it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard. The music sounds like something that would come out of San Francisco in the 1970s, it’s very different, but I definitely enjoy it. Check out “Still Sound” off of Chaz’s latest album Underneath the Pine


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