I’ma Cut You Off!

It’s crazy that we’re over two months into 2011. It seems like yesterday I was encouraging everybody to be positive in this new year. For the most part I’ve been good about staying positive, thinking good thoughts, and staying productive. However, there are times when we just can’t avoid negativity.

After the jump, I breakdown a few lines in Kendrick Lamar’s “Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)” and how they relate to my life.

Everytime you come around you be hollering that whoop dee whoop, blasé blah, he say, she say, oh my God, SHUT THE F*CK UP.

Whether it be babbling broads gossiping about random stuff or people in general just bringing negative energy around when I hear or see that negativity all I think about is this hook. This song is one of the major reasons I f*ck with this album so heavy.

 Speak the good into existence, that instant my dreams will unlock

It sounds cliche, but if you surround yourself with negativity and are always negative in thoughts, you’ll start to become a negative person. The line above was deep to me because it is similar to something my mom would say to me growing up. Her phrase had religious undertones, but it has still stuck with me to this day.

I’m tryna learn somethin new
I’m tryna surround myself with people that inspire me 

Or at least inquire similar desires
To do what it T-A-K-E just to reach the T-O-P

In the quest to becoming more positive you might have to cut people off. I’ve cut a few people off in the last year or so because they were stifling my growth and development.  The decisions were easy in some instances and difficult in others, but I’ve become a better man after making those changes.

I could breakdown every song on OD if I wanted to, but I’ll hold off on that. When it comes to people and situations in life, step back and analyze them and make decisions to better yourself. And please, STAY POSITIVE!


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