My Soul Ain’t 4 Sale

In our lives we encounter situations that cause us to question our morals and the beliefs that make us who we are. The deals and opportunities that we are offered are tempting, but in the end (most of the time) we stand true to what we believe. In the music industry when we see an artist switch their style up or “sell out” for more exposure/money, it is commonly called selling their soul. In “My Soul Ain’t 4 Sale”, Raheem DeVaughn lets everybody know his soul AIN’T for sale. Jazzy Jeff laces Radio Rah with a sample of Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love.”

I was surprised to hear my mom listening to this song a few years ago on the radio. It might have been on the Michael Baisden show, that had to be 4 years ago if I remember correctly.

Why no post of the Bobby Caldwell sample?

Because the Bobby Caldwell sample has been posted before.


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