This Is It!

I was doing some Saturday afternoon cleaning and “This Is It”  by Kenny Loggins started playing. I knew the words to the song, but couldn’t remember how I knew the sample. A Google search revealed “Sharades” by Papoose. In 2005-06, a son by Papoose was on majority of my mix CD’s. I was going around high school telling people you need to hear this dude named Papoose. He had mixtape after mixtape with DJ Kay Slay, punchlines for days, thought provoking songs about different topics, and song stealing verses (remember the Touch It Remix?).  I just knew Papoose was the next great rapper from New York. He got the $1.5 million deal from Jive and he told us The Nacirema Dream was on its way. About a year later he announced he left Jive and similar to another Brookyln MC* his buzz died out. In “Sharades,” Papoose informs his listeners about the “Hip-Hop Police” and the artists they’ve “framed.”

Gimme the keys to Shyne Po handcuffs
Gimme the keys to Lil’ Kim handcuffs
Gimme the keys to C-Murder handcuffs
So I could tighten ’em and let the cell slam shut

The song itself is dope, but this whole “hip-hop police” stuff  beautifully segues into the next edition of Rome’s Rant, so expect that in a couple days.

*Saigon’s album is dropping this year, FINALLY!!


prod. by DJ Kay Slay


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