6 Mixtapes from 2010: That I Didn’t Post (But You Should Listen To)

My apologies for the long winded title. I couldn’t think of anything shorter so I went with the Cracked-like title.

It’s been a long year and I’ve posted a lot of mixtapes. Starting with Trunk Muzik on January 1 all the way up to Jet Audio’s Stand Alone Complex that I posted a couple weeks ago. There were a lot of mixtapes that I listened to that I didn’t post, but I feel like you should hear. Check them out after the jump.

I saw J. Cole open up for Wale in April 2009. It was his first performance in North Carolina after signing with Roc Nation. Since then he’s released a mixtape, The Blueprint 3, released a single, and released another mixtape, in that order. The latest mixtape, Friday Night Lights, displays Cole’s ferocious lyricism and deep content matter. I hope 2011 holds a studio album and more success for the Fayetteville, NC native.

Standout Tracks: Too Deep For The Intro, You Got It, In The Morning, Cost Me A Lot, See World

This just came out on Tuesday and it’s still growing on me, but it’s dope! If you wanted to hear more rapping on his album and you were disappointed then this mixtape makes up for the lack of rapping.

Standout Tracks: Beast Mode, Cold As Ice, The Watchers, Dr. Aden


Honestly, I just listened to this mixtape today due to a recommendation from someone. It’s been out since July and I hate that I’m just hearing it. L.E.$  is from Houston by the way of New Orleans (and Hurricane Katrina) and is a part of The Boss Hogg Outlawz. This mixtape is sample heavy (right up my alley), bass filled, and slow/smooth courtesy of Mr. Rogers and Da Sh*t Factory (yes that’s the name of the production crew). This is 5th wheel whippin, cup of lean, rollin one deep music.

To put this in perspective, some have compared it to K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, only by a Texas artist. The comparison is not too far off, this is a little more showy than K.R.I.T.’s album, but in terms in quality it’s up there. The Beautiful Struggle will stay in rotation well into 2011.

Standout Tracks: The Life I Chose, Keep It Playa, Bass, Swimmin, Rollin On

I’m in the contingent that says Fab’s mixtapes are better than his albums. This one is no different. The griminess that he comes with on the mixtapes is always appreciated. He follows the funeral theme all the way through on TINC2. Save the girl songs for somebody else.

Standout Tracks:  I’m Raw, Suicide Pt. 2, Tonight

I decided to check out Ayomari’s, The PB&J Solution on the strength of his collaborations with TiRon. I was impressed with this tape. The “everyday guy” themes in his songs made the 13 tracks very enjoyable. I really encourage you to check out the standout tracks for this one, because I GUARANTEE you will enjoy them.

Standout Tracks: I Wanna (Journey), The PB&J Manifesto, Body Language

Aleon Craft’s latest offering sat on my HD for about 3 weeks before I listened to it. Puzzling, due to the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed the two prologues that led up to The Stargazing Soundtrack. When I finally decided to give it a listen I was into every track. It sounds like funk infused rap music, but with that Atlanta influence.

When you listen to “Yoga Flame,” wait for the breakdown. You won’t be disappointed.

Standout Tracks: Yoga Flame, Early Moan, Sunday, Back To The D.E.C. (Remix), Moon Walk Her, Brand New Day


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