3 Blogs That Infleunced Product of My Opinion

This design that never really got off the ground*

I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I try to spend most of my time soaking up information instead of wasting time away on Facebook. Scroll down a little on the right side of the page and you’ll see the “Check These Blogs Out”! widget, I encourage you to browse those websites. All of them are unique in my opinion and I try to read them a few times a week to learn something new.

Tomorrow will mark the 1 year anniversary of this blog. It’s hard to believe that I’ve actually kept this blog up consistently and made more than 200 posts. Over the past year I’ve let everybody know about my favorite songs and their samples, my gripes about music, and a peek into my life at times. I feel now is the appropriate time to shine the spotlight on the blogs/websites that inspired this one and this “blogger.”

I’m in my third year as a Mass Communication (Broadcasting concentration) student, so I’m still in the metaphorical “weight room of journalism” trying to become a stronger and more well rounded writer. I have used the blogs that follow as inspiration to become better at what I do.

From writing in XXL and Ozone to taking photos when there’s a show in Atlanta, dude does it all. I came across Maurice Garland’s blog in 2007, when it was still called “The Rezidue.” While reading his blog I’ve been put on to a bunch of artists, namely Jamiroquai and Pill. One of the main things I like about his blog is that he brings a perspective of a dude straight of Decatur, Georgia (like yours truly) and he doesn’t stray away from providing social commentary. I don’t get to go home as much as I want to so I try keep up with the pulse of Atlanta’s music scene and events happening down there by checking his blog.

I haven’t really expressed my love for sports on this blog. If it’s one thing I know more than music, it’s definitely sports. So that explains why I cite a basketball website/blog as an influence. Mark from Sham Sports is the example of a one man wrecking crew with all the information his site contains. In-depth descriptions of player contracts, summaries for players on summer league rosters, and the occasional “Where Are They Now” posts are all thorough and heavily researched. When it comes to background research and quality content Sham Sports is the place I draw inspiration from.

When I make a new post on here, it’s usually off the top of the head. I usually don’t have time to prepare my posts in advance, so it’s usually ten minutes of research/uploading and then 15 minutes of writing/editing, depending on how long the post is. This post is no different, so forgive me if I get long winded when talking about The Smoking Section.

To keep it 100, The Smoking Section is the reason why I started this blog. I trace it back to August 29, 2009. All of the regular commenters were up in arms due to what seemed to be the “closing” of TSS. I had my aspirations of writing on The Smoking Section so I was perplexed and genuinely hurt, as you can see in this comment. I started to cook up a plan to start my own blog. It didn’t come into fruition until 3 months later, but I made it happen. It turns out it was just a new layout being implemented and TSS wasn’t going anywhere.

I’ve been reading and commenting on TSS since July 2007 when I read about it in Vibe Magazine. When I wasn’t leaving school (illegally) to go get some lunch I would be in the library on TSS checking out some new music. Since I was relatively new to everything hip-hop, TSS was the perfect place for me to interact with people with a diverse taste in music.

TSS has provided me with a lot. Outside of the the entertainment and education in every post. I’ve seen my name shouted out a couple times, I won a copy of Styles P’s last album, and even received a complementary cigarillo splitter, despite the fact I get H.O.C. I rock my smedium TSS shirt every once in a while and TSS stickers adorn my bookbag and few other random places.

What makes TSS a great blog is the journalistic qualities included in every post. A blog post shouldn’t just be a link with two words, it should be a descriptive explanation about the song you’re posting. I’ve tried to utilize that formula here and I hope that I’m improving everyday.

It’s more than a blog, TSS is MAJOR!

So, there you have it. The 3 blogs that shaped this one. Be on the look out for more updates!

*Shout out to my brother for that early “logo/banner”, he got it right with the banner I’m using now

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