Jet Audio’s Stand Alone Complex

There have been a good number of mixtapes that have come out the past two weks or so. J. Cole, Tom Hardy, Young Chris, Emilio Rojas, and The Kid Daytona all put out solid projects that have been in my rotation. Despite those recent offerings, I’m going to highlight a mixtape from the Summer of 2009, Jet Audio’s Stand Alone Complex. The title track, “Stand Alone”, is  the first leak I heard from the mixtape and it quickly became one of my loner anthems. If I had to give somebody a song that describes me “Stand Alone” would be one.

Jet Audio’s production showcases the unique sound of the new breed of artists coming from NYC. Artists include, the aforementioned Kid Daytona and Emilio Rojas, and also two favorites of yours truly, Naledge and Outasight.

Standout Tracks: Stand Alone, Once Around The City, Only


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