The Chips is Low, The Rates is High

Willie the Kid’s debut album, Absolute Greatness, dropped in September 2008. The majority of the songs on the album had been interjected into numerous DJ Drama mixtapes in the months prior, which soured my reception of the album. I remember seeing a billboard promoting the album a few months before the release and it did reach #20 on the Billboard Rap Charts, so I guess it was success, but as a fan I wanted to hear more than just the rehashed songs.

For the majority of the album WTK decided to go with the drug dealing/money throwing/expensive clothes wearing lane. The lead single “Love For Money” is a great example of that.

“Splendid!” was a smooth lane change and was by far the best song lyrically and depth wise on the entire album. The lyrics had me on some revivalist type iddish (c) Median.

Cut the whores in my stable off/I’ma start reading like a used to do/I ain’t talking Ozone/I used to go/hard study Pillars of Faith now i chase a broad

More books for me, less hoes.

The song features a sample of Ahmad Jamal’s “Swahililand,” which was famously sampled in De La Soul’s classic “Stakes is High”.


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