Rome’s Rant #2: No Love For Gibbs

In my last post I let everybody know I was hitting up a show with Freddie Gibbs and Matisyahu, well I’m back already. Gibbs was the opening act and honestly there were only a few people in attendance that were feeling his whole performance. It wasn’t because he’s not a good performer, his stage presence was on point, it was just the crowd wasn’t his demographic. Chants of “f*ck the police” and “make money money, take money money” never got off the ground. The most he got them to say was “f*ck Butler”.

While the squares were sitting on their hands waiting for Matisyahu (who’s lyrics they didn’t know either) I was rapping along to songs like “Boxframe Cadillac” and “National Anthem.”

I’m reading some of the tweets that people sent out around the time he was performing and it’s obvious no one came to see Gibbs.

I don’t know what Duke was thinking in booking a guy like Freddie Gibbs when the majority of their student population definitely couldn’t relate to any of his material. Secondly, having him open up for Matisyahu, the Hasidic Jewish reggae artist, probably wasn’t a good idea either. I really can’t be too angry because I knew what it would be like. I knew the atmosphere would be different from most shows I attend because: (1) it was in an auditorium, so there wasn’t the typical smoky and cramped club atmosphere that I’m used to, (2) there were chairs (remember it’s an auditorium), n*gga this is hip-hop, ain’t no sitting down! (lol), (3) Gibbs was opening so I knew he could only go through 8-10 songs.

I was surprised he didn’t stick with some of his newer songs from the past two years, instead he went off the beaten path and spit lyrics from songs like “What It Be Like” and “Keep It Pimpin” from his first two Live From Gary, Indiana mixtapes. But, I didn’t care I was rapping along word for word despite the side eyes.

I stayed for a few of Matisyahu songs and then I dipped. All in all I hope Gibbs makes a return to North Carolina, just not at Duke. I hated that the atmosphere was so dead.

I felt like my homeboy and I were two pinto beans (two black guys) in a bowl of rice (white people). It was pretty funny to me. Just an observation…

I’ll end this post with the song that Gibbs left Duke on, “The Ghetto.”


2 thoughts on “Rome’s Rant #2: No Love For Gibbs

  1. Upsetting to hear this. Gibbs may not have the content that others love but my dad put it best after listening to “the coldest”. he said “I dont understand a damn thing he is saying, but the man has a presence and i could listen to him all day”

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