Nothing Move But The Money

People blame and associate so many negative things with the Internet now days that they forget the convenience and practicality that it provides. 20 years ago it would be very important to know how to balance a check book and keep track of your recent purchases. I don’t know anybody my age that keeps a check book, all you have to is log on to your bank’s website and with a click of a button you can monitor your purchases. What does the Internet have to do with this post? Well, if it weren’t for the Internet we would never get our hands on songs that never made it onto studio albums for one reason or another. “Nothing Move But The Money” by Brooklyn duo Smif N-Wessun was originally slated to appear on their 1995 debut album Dah Shinin but didn’t make it due to sample clearance issues. The sample that couldn’t be cleared is “Star of the Story” by Heatwave. Thanks to the Internet this song gets heard and enjoyed by many. So stop complaining about that stupid Q&A game on Facebook and indulge in some music that probably wouldn’t be here without the Internet. 

prod. by Da Beatminerz

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