Before There Wuz Here (The Excavation)

In lieu of posts for a couple days, I’ve decided to post Before There Wuz Here (The Excavation). It’s basically an in depth look and commentary on the samples behind K.R.I.T. Wuz Here. I haven’t posted as much about K.R.I.T. as I wanted to, but I have expressed how much I love that album. But, take a listen this is a good insight into which samples he used and the though process involved.

What sets Big K.R.I.T. apart from every other emcee breathing on a beat? Maybe it’s his voice: slow and low, drenched in drawl, refreshing as a glass of sweet tea. Maybe it’s his honesty; the kind that lets him write about his grandma, his contradictions, faith, relationships and fears without a filter. Maybe it’s those home-cooked canvases– born in his bedroom in Meridian, Mississippi– brimming with soulful samples, live instrumentation, and patience beyond his 23 years. Really, it’s all three.

It’s not often that an artist is responsible for every aspect of an album, but “Wuz Here” is 100% Big K.R.I.T. Knowing how rare a gift that was made me wonder how he got from inspiration to execution; from sketch to song; scribble to verse, and single to album. So I asked him to go back to source, to the wax, to those original grooves that he made into something new for his debut. Before There Wuz Here (The Excavation) is a product of that exploration, and a pre-cursor to K.R.I.T.’s next project, The Return of Forever and his so far untitled, presented, live collaborative EP with Grillade, coming soon.

Stream it at Yours


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