The Heart Pt. 2


When I listen to a song or album/mixtape/etc. for the first time it’s hard for me to get into it. It usually takes a few listens to fully digest the material. I’ve never been the type of person to skim through music, I’ve got to let it marinate. When I heard Kendrick Lamar’s O(verly) D(edicated) I was drawn in on the first listen. The day after I downloaded the mixtape I was playing it over and over like I had it for 5 years. “The Heart Pt. 2″ is first song on the mixtape, it utilizes the”Peace of Light” intro from The Roots, How I got Over album. The intro to the song is a soundbite from the late Dash Snow, an artist was well known for his controversial views and “bodily fluid laced art.” I just sat for the 4 minutes or so and I listened. A lot of of feelings and thoughts were conjured up while listening. As I said in in the MOTY post, nothing has since K.RI.T. Wuz Here has drawn me in on the first listen like this has.

Lines like:

“We used to beefing over turf, f*ck beefing over a verse/niggas dying motherf*ck a double entendre”

Made me think damn we really have a lot more to worry about than this rap shit.

I swear to God half of y’all just don’t know Kendrick/the school of hard knocks we was the first ones in attendance/you walkin down the block he got shot you are no eyewitness/you just mind yo business/you just turn yo head kneel down and then tie yo tennis/it’s kinda scary ain’t it?/you can’t act like no bitch that only got Tyler Perry famous

Wow. He isn’t lying.

Just let me explain it/why you pick up that stainless?/cuz yo pops wasn’t anxious to see you and you hate it/so much you probably had yo burner tucked at graduation/said if you see him on them bleachers then you’ll kill him face it 25 to life with a murder charge

Another line that had me astounded. Time for me download the rest of K.Dot’s material.

The most telling lines in the song were the following:

Got all these n*ggas approaching they mixtapes different/they said 7 tracks i said 15, called it an EP/they said I’m trippin, but little did they know I’m tryin to change the rules that we been confined to so the corporate won’t make decisions/uppity bitches handling business/killing our dreams stealing our vision

This line actually describes his last project the Kendrick Lamar EP.  Here you can see he wasn’t happy with the politics this time around either.


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