Ain’t Gotta Go Home

I have to thank my one loyal commenter, Tap Out, for putting me onto Jason James (aka WEB). I listened to “Marvelous World of Color” last night and I enjoyed hearing some good music. Frankly, the 14 tracks were mind-blowing, the lyrics were deep enough to force me to listen to the whole LP two times in a row and the production from Rodney Hazard (aka I.D.E.A.) was stellar. While I was listening to the LP (the first time around) I decided to do some reading. When track #8 “You Ain’t Gotta Go Home” came on I dropped the book. I was like, “damn they flipped the little outro from “Prototype!” Outside of the 3 Stacks sample flip, the lyrics about pulling a female from the club and the “events that occur afterward” aren’t in the same vein as other tracks of that nature. To sum it up not your ordinary slow jam. Be on the lookout for more posts about Jason James and Rodney Hazard.


2 thoughts on “Ain’t Gotta Go Home

  1. The adrenal rush of having your name featured in one of your favorite website = Awesome! 🙂

    Now let me bask in the glory of this I-told-you-so moment… oh wait I didn't bcos I didn't have to cos I knew you would love this content Heavy (capital H) hip-hop.

    “Real Recognize Real” – (c)RomeBrown

    It really is a great album, that at a glance may SOUND simple, but after a few listens it becomes fairly apparent that these guys know what they’re doing. Their sound is very atmospheric and slower paced. It’s a very sparse, yet engaging album by a lyricist who you can truly tell thinks carefully about each and every bar he lays on a track while not being afraid to address controversial issues.

    Thanks for identifying the sample, somehow, I missed that one.

    Here's one more: Soulstice's “Fall Into You” sampled on “Go!”

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