9 Wonders

9 Wonders (NYOil verses 9th Wonder) The Digital EP dropped back in 2008. I remember I was really excited to hear this project because I was into a lot of NYOil’s music at the time and because he was rapping over production from one of my favorite producers, 9th Wonder. Out of the nine tracks on the EP, only four of them were actually from previous studio albums than 9th produced on.

“Original Songs”- NYOil Song in ()
1- Jean Grae – Billy Killer (Each Morning)
2- More and More – Never rapped on (More and More)
3- Close Your Eyes – Never rapped on (Close Your Eyes)
4- Memphis Bleek – Alright (Drop Squad)
5- Little Brother – Home (Cap’n Save A Hoe!)
6- Jay-Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder 9th Wonder remix (4 Luv)
7- Little Brother- Nighttime Maneuvers (Conspiracy Theory)
8- Dollas Circulate – Never rapped on (The Investor)
9- Jay-Z – Moment of Clarity 9th Wonder remix (Seems Like)

Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, the EP is solid and straight to the point. NYOil touches on topics such as captain save a hoes, investing money, and conspiracy theory regarding September 11 and another incident that was prominent at the time. Check out the comments of that “Conspiracy Theory” video and see as NYOil drops a little knowledge on yours truly.

Standout Tracks: Cap’n Save A Hoe!, Conspiracy Theory, The Investor, Seems Like


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