Devin the Dude is one of the most covered artists on this blog. He’s one of my favorite artists and I had a chance to see him perform in June 2009. I own all of his albums and there aren’t too many songs by Devin that I don’t like. One of them was “Briarpatch”. That’s no longer true. I’ve been reading some information about folk tales and I was reading the Uncle Remus stories. Arguably the most famous is the story of “The Wonderful Tar-Baby“. Brer Fox finally catches Brer Rabbit! The song “Briarpatch” is a creative retelling of one of the story’s highlights. I always used to skip this song on To Tha-Xtreme, but now that I actually understand it I can play the album all the way through. I stumbled across this in depth analysis of the lyrics and I was blown away. The song makes sense now.

Like I’ve said before, don’t underestimate Devin’s genius.


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