They Call It Vanity

Which song do I like more? The original, or the song that it sampled it? I grapple with that every time I come upon a song that has been sampled. Usually, the original wins out, but I still marvel at the brilliance of the producer of the song that uses the sample and the original. With “Vanity” by Sarah Vaughan and “Vanity(DeathOfAStar)ptOne” by Blu I’ll just call it a tie. John Barnes effectively captures the essence of Vaughan’s 1961 version and the feeling of vanity.

Personally, I focus on one line in the song: “I’d rather be alone than laughing with the crowd”

That describes me.

They call it vanity…

Sarah Vaughan- Vanity

Blu- Vanity(DeathOfAStar)ptOne
prod. by Blu


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