Brand New Day

Wake up
! Open those curtains up and let the sun in! The remainder of this week is Early Morning Week!

All the posts this week will be similar to “What I’m On” posts, it’ll just be a song with a little background. I’d like to put the readers in my state of mind when I wake up, so you’ll also get some of the music I listen to in the morning. So check the blog no later that 10 every morning and you’ll see a post with a song from my “Morning” playlist. The playlist consists of 148 songs, roughly 10 hours, that get me prepared for the day. Some people need some heavy metal or something real crunk to get going, but usually a slow smooth joint will get me started.

Today’s joint: “Brand New Day” by Outasight

I had Outasight’s EP, “Further”, sitting on my HD nearly 6 months before I decided to give it a spin in its entirety. I was impressed by one song more than the others, it was “Brand New Day”. Frankly, Outasight is an acquired taste, he uses a rap/sing type flow that is dope in some instances and fails on others. You can throw “Brand New Day” into the former category. This song is just about changing things for the better on a brand new day.


2 thoughts on “Brand New Day

  1. We share a very similar music taste/opinions my friend. That's one of the prime reasons I like your blog and anywhere someone asks me why I love hip-hop… I direct them right to your “An Introduction” >>

    This gets serious plays on my “Morning” playlist too while “Downtown In My Mind” put me to rest or accompany me driving at night when you have something on your mind that you need to reflect on.

    I can understand what you mean when you say that Outasight is an acquired taste and can be a hit/miss at times, but I guess the reason I really like him is the artistic approach he takes on most of his songs and use his rap/sing ability to serve joint's concept and express himself accordingly.

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