Swishas N Erb

If the average hip-hop fan hears the name “The Dungeon Family,” they’ll probably think of that “Trans DF” song or maybe OutKast and Goodie Mob. However, the Dungeon Fam goes deeper than just than that song and 6 members. First off they are about 50 members deep amongst the “1st and 2nd” generations and arguably the preeminent hip-hop collective in the South.

Society of Soul was a Dungeon Fam group consisting of Organized Noize (Sleepy Brown, Rico Wade, and Ray Murray), singer Espronza, and Big Rube. They released their only album Brainchild in 1995. The 16 track LP is filled with that good ole Southern soul music infused with spoken word. One of my favorite tracks off the album is “Peaches n Erb.”

“Swishas n Erb” by appeared on UGK’s final album, UGK 4 Life, it featured Sleepy Brown on the hook and captured the essence of “Peaches n Erb” with the PA twist from Bun and Pimp that we’ve been accustomed to.

prod. by Pimp C & Averexx

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