Here Go Your Prescription

A couple weeks ago I listened to Wale’s Attention Deficit, which dropped in October 2009. When I first listened to it when it debuted I was disappointed in the album. Throughout most of 2007 and 2008 I was putting a lot of people onto this talented emcee from the DMV. When I listened to the album most recently, I gained a greater appreciation for the album. Although there were some pop chart aspiring duds, the majority of the songs were Wale pouring out his feelings on the beat.

“Prescription”, the final track on the album, displays Wale spitting well placed metaphors about prescription drugs and medical terminology which allude to his music (the prescription). The song samples “Modaji” by Dave Grusin, which is a cover of Harvey Mason’s song of the same name.

Wale also rapped over the “Modaji” sample in “The Hype”, which was on The Mixtape About Nothing.

Shout out to Tap Out for the assist on that.

Wale- Prescription
prod. by Best Kept Secret

5 thoughts on “Here Go Your Prescription

  1. Cant help you man, but it does sound familiar… I dont know if it was Wale that rapped in the song Im thinking of though. Almost wanna say old Snoop.

    I never understood why people hated AD so much… I really fuck with that album, its in the regular rotation in the whip. (Being from the DMV I may be a little biased but it is still a sharp first album.)

  2. It sounds alot like something from Mixtape About Nothing. I have to give it another spin. I was VERY disappointed when it dropped, but after giving it a spin again I got into it.

    Thanks for commenting, it's good to see the fam from TSS checking out the blog.

  3. Another great post! I was looking for this version of “Modaji” in mp3 format. Thanks a lot!

    I think Best Kept Secret sampled the OG version by Harvey Mason on “Prescription”. Cos I hear the flutes from the original and not the sax work done by Dave Grusin on cover version.

    Check it out around 0:43

    ^Also sampled on Wale's “The Hype” from Mixtape About Nothing. Sample appears at 0:00

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