Fa Sho

Odd Squad- Fa Sho
Alternate Version (Slightly different beat, released on Devin the Dude’s, Just Tryin Ta Live album)

I tell people who aren’t up on Devin the Dude, that he has a song for every mood or situation you’re going through. Beneath the humor and coughee influenced lyrics is always some type of lesson involved in his music. It may not be the traditional lesson your mom used to tell you, but I can tell yall first hand I’ve learned a few things from listening to the music of Mr. Copeland. Fadanuf Fa Erybody was released on Rap-A-Lot Records in 1994, at a time when the upstart record label was gaining steam and releasing a number of albums. “Fa Sho” is my favorite song off the album and it is simply about NOT getting greedy with the {()}. Rob Quest, Jugg Mugg, and Devin each tell a story about f*ckin over their fa sho {()} tryin to get some mo {()}.

“F*ckin over yo fa sho p*ssy, tryin to get some mo p*ssy, you’ll end up with NO p*ssy”

Failing to follow those simple words has messed up a lot of guys, hopefully I don’t forget them…


While, I was searching for a link for the album cover, I came across this article from Rap Pages Magazine. I learned a few things while reading the article: (1) how to pronounce the name of the album (Fat Enough For Everybody) and (2) that Devin the Dude went by the moniker “The D” (aka The Fat Square Twista). I know he didn’t add “The Dude” to his name until shortly after his debut album dropped, but this Fat Square Twista name is new to me. That’s just some interesting information I came across.

props to Press Rewind If I Haven’t… for the scanned pages of the article


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