Now or Neva

I feel bad that I haven’t put any Big K.R.I.T. material on the blog yet. I’ve been playing his album, K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, since it came out in May. You can listen to it from track 1 to 19, no skips. He produced the whole album and put everything into the lyrics. He is a Mississppi native and was signed to Def Jam last month on the strength of the album. As a result of the signing, he dropped “Now or Neva.”

“A Mississippi n_gga on Def Jam…..IT’s NOW OR NEVA!”


2 thoughts on “Now or Neva

  1. Yeah the album was dope! But real journey begins now for him. Lets see how he progress and cope up with major-label antics. It took a couple of years for B.o.B till “Nothin' On You” came its way, and then album. To which most folks responded with the usual term 'mixtapes were better'… which I personally fail to understand as an argument to shit down the efforts of artists. You have to cater to a broader audience on albums… what matters is artist shouldn't dumb down to an unacceptable level, which both Wale & BoB didn't do. All in my opinion.

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