We Got Now

In the past year or so I decided to expand my musical palate to artists outside of the United States. Artists like Jamiroquai (UK), Fela Kuti (Nigeria), and Curumin (Brazil). Another Brazilian I discovered was Arthur Verocai, a composer, arranger and producer musician who released his self-titled debut album in 1972. This article from NPR detailed a recent concert that Verocai conducted.

“Caboclo” is the first song on the album and it is sampled in one of my favorite songs by my favorite group, Little Brother. “We Got Now” is the last track on The Minstrel Show and is eventually “picked up” at the beginning of their third album, Getback (listen to “Please Stand By” and “Sirens”). A good metaphor for this song would be a halfcourt play in basketball, Big Pooh threw a nice dish (1st verse) to Phonte on the wing (2nd verse), while Chaundon cut to the rim for an alley oop (3rd verse). All executed on a play (the beat) drawn up by Coach 9th…

“I agree that everybody’s a biter, but if you Xerox the style that’s infringing on my copy right?”


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