Just The Two Us

“Just The Two of Us” is an oft covered and oft sampled song by Grover Washington Jr. (with vocals by Bill Withers), it’s a classic song you hear on the radio and know all the words to, despite it being nearly 30 years old. In Big Moe’s ode to the Screwed Up Click, “S.U.C.,” he crafts a clever play on the original lyrics of “Just The Two of Us” with his standard “rap-sing” flow .

See when we floss our candy rides
Screens keep falling from the sky
Players ball and we stay true

And if you wanna to test my click
Pop pop pop is what you get
S.U.C. we some god damn fools

We got that purple sticky dank
Chased with purple sticky drank
And forever we gone bang screw

Oh, it’s the Screw in us
We gone represent with pride
It’s the Screw in us till we die

R.I.P. Big Moe and Big Hawk


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