More Changes!!!

When I made my first post back in November I had big plans for the site. I wanted to churn out 6-7 posts a week, get lots of comments ever week, and expose the masses to some dope samples. I wanted to be a one man TSS Crew. Well, I found out I am only one person and it’s like 8 bloggers over at TSS. Making a post everyday is quite difficult when you actually have things to do during the day, unlike when I started all I had was classes and not much else to occupy my time. I wanted to stick to the script by keeping this blog strictly based on the samples, but now that I think about it, it is my blog and I can stray away from my original plan. For the most part, I have more downloaders (you stealing MFers….j/k) than commenters, I encourage people to provide me with some feedback and conversation on these songs. Now to the changes….

(1) My posting will become more sporadic, I can’t promise a post everyday, but I’ll try to get at least 3 posts a week.

(2) I’m adding a new feature called “What I’m On”, where I’ll just post a random song and some info/background on it. D/L link included

(3) I’ll also start posting links to random articles that I find interesting, most of them will be about samples, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Once again, spread the word about the blog, comment, keep downloading, and SUPPORT the artists!


2 thoughts on “More Changes!!!

  1. “stealing MFers…”

    So we on like that now! hahaha…

    This is a good news and I do feel ya for the lack of interaction. I think the reason could be 'oldness' of your blog content. How about some reviews? That might lead to more feedbacks!

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