Perishable Fame Presents Dreamer

This week’s “mixtape of the week,” Perishable Fame Presents Dreamer, was released back in 2007. Dreamer is one-fourth of the Atlanta based group Hollyweerd. Before I get into how I found the mixtape and other info, I’ll just say that “Spend The Night” is the 2nd most played song in my Windows Media Player (60 times, and yes I still use WMP). The entire mixtape is entertaining. I’ve heard people say the mixtape is wack or “he sounds like Andre 3000,” but it’s just GOOD MUSIC. I first heard “Spend The Night” on Georgia State’s radio station, 88.5, sometime in 2007 . I couldn’t get my hands on the song for a few months until I stumbled across this mixtape in August 2008, I can’t recall where I found the link, but once I listened to the mixtape a couple times I was hooked. Take a listen and you’ll hear YelaWolf, B.o.B, and Grip Plyaz, three dudes who were still on the come up when this mixtape dropped and are now getting significant buzz. “Above Average” utilizes the instrumental of the “Fantastic (Remix)” by Thethyrday (prod. by Nicolay), where Dreamer proudly spits about his fashion sense that makes him feel above average. “Crazy Girls” features the aforementioned YelaWolf and is about (you guessed it) interacting with them crazy ass females. B.o.B has a verse on “Ordinary Day” and the hook on the song sounds a little bit like the hook from Jay-Z’s “Poppin Tags”, the song captures a day in the South. The last minute of that track contains a snippet Big Rube’s, “Alphabet Acrobat” poem, one of my favorite spoken word pieces. “The Art of Bowtie Pimpin” features Fonzworth Bentley and utilizes part of Andre 3000’s verse from the “So Fresh, So Clean (Remix)”. Take my word for it, this entire mixtape is worth listening to. And while you’re at go download all of Hollyweerd’s mixtapes!

Standout Tracks: New Exercise, Crazy Girls, The Art of Bowtie Pimpin, Ordinary Day, Spend The Night


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