Bragging & Boasting

This is LB Week. All week I’ll be posting samples that Little Brother utilized in their songs. The samples from the studio albums aren’t that hard to find, so I’ll travel off the beaten path and post samples from songs that weren’t on any of the studio albums and songs that they guest appeared on. Tomorrow, Little Brother will drop their last official album as a group. They were once a trio (Phonte, Big Pooh, and 9th Wonder), but now it’s only two left standing and they’ve decided to pursue other musical endeavors. Well, I could dwell on the “beef” going on and the other BS, but I won’t. This week is all about the good music made by one of my favorite groups!

Today’s track is “Braggin & Boasting”, it was a track off of The Sound Providers 2004 album, “An Evening With The Sound Providers.” Little Brother had dropped The Listening a year before this and this was a collaboration with one of their ABB labelmates. This is just a dope ass track with Pooh & Tay spitting about rappers bragging & boasting before “falling off like Billy Ocean” and having to perform odd jobs like parking cars. The Sound Providers (Jay Skillz and Soulo) produce a smooth beat in the background with scratches on the hook utlizing samples from “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” by Gang Starr and “Y?” by The Pharcyde.

Little Brother- Bragging & Boasting
prod. by The Sound Providers

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