Been Such A Long Time Gone

Every once in a while I put together a list of albums I want to listen to all the way through. Last week I wanted to listen to the Slaughterhouse album and BK-One’s album. I never got around to those, but today I listened to the Johnson&Jonson (Blu and Mainframe) album. I bought the album back in December (found it in a $5 bin) and I had only listened to it once since I bought it. The album is only 45 minutes long, sample heavy, and filled with dope lyrics. I got to track 11 “Long Time Gone” and I had to play it three times straight. I couldn’t find the vocal sample at the beginning of the track, but I was able to locate the main sample used in the song. It’s “Been Such A Long Time Gone” by Hugh Masekela. I’ve been getting up on some Afrobeat songs (check out Fela Kuti too) lately and this Masekela track is another dope one in an underrated genre.

Hugh Masekela- Been Such A Long Time Gone

Johnson&Jonson- Long Time Gone
prod. by Mainframe

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