Changes Coming!!

No music post today, but I’ll have more music posted up starting Monday. Just a few notes of upcoming changes on the blog.

(1) First off, I’d like to thank everybody for reading and downloading the material I post up. It shows my efforts aren’t in vain. I would like to see more people comment though! Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, what should I add to the blog, etc.

(2) I’ll try to hold my end of the bargain by posting everyday during the week, but college is my #1 priority, so I can’t make any promises.

(3) In the next month or two there will be a few changes around the blog. I’m in the process of getting a logo made and I’ll probably make some layout changes as well. I’m also exploring purchasing a domain name so the blog will have a shorter url.

(4)I took heed to a comment posted earlier this week and I’m going back through all the posts to add and tag the producers in all of the songs I’ve posted.

(5) Lastly, and most importantly please SUPPORT all these artists that I’ve posted up! That means spend some money to buy an album or go check out a show where these artists are performing. If you want more info I’ll be glad to direct you to websites and stores where you can buy the projects or get tickets to a show.



One thought on “Changes Coming!!

  1. Stay focused bro! Nothing's more important than your studies. You've already added enough to the blogosphere than one would expect.

    I personally don't mind this layout at all. Simple? Yes, but it works just fine. Still, news sounds great, happy to see things moving forward!

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