Clear Soul Radio

I enjoy hearing new artists/groups so I don’t mind reviewing mixtapes and albums to give artists feedback and constructive criticism. Last week, my man Ilajide of Clear Soul Forces hit me up and asked me to check out the group’s latest project Clear Soul Forces Radio. CSF is a four man group which consists of three Detroit natives (J.RoC, E-Fav, and Ilajide) and one Colorado native (Wimpy).

The group cites Royce Da 5’9” as a major influence in the birth of their group, so I know these guys know a little something about lyricism. I listened to the project in its entirety a few times over the last few days and I was impressed with the production, the sample selection, the lyricism and the utilization of other artists beats. I can’t stand it when artist A spits over a beat and he absolutely murdered it, then artists B thru F end up not even holding a candle to the original.

CSF ran with joints like “My Interpretation” (Skyzoo), “Driving Down The Freeway” (Young Buck), and “Boondock Saints” (Little Brother) and straight ripped it! I could relate to a lot of their content too. Take a track like “Massage Situation”, it’s just your old-fashioned tale of trying to get the P, only for ole girl to hit you with some lame ass excuse of why you can’t hit. Damn! Damn! I have no doubt we’ll be hearing more from CSF in the future…

Standout tracks: Clear Soul Intro, I’m The Shit School, Driving Down The Freeway, You’re Wrong, Massage Situation, Speed Bumps

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