Cooter Brown

Devin the Dude is in my top 10 favorite rappers. He’s primarily known for his comedic lyrics about weed, wine, and women, but every once in a while we see the more serious side of Devin. “Cooter Brown” is one of those joints. The song is mellow and it captures the same feeling you get when you hear the song it sampled, “Now That It’s All Over” by Willie Hutch.

Before making this post I didn’t know who/what Cooter Brown was, but peep this. Just another insight into Devin’s genius.

Maurice Garland made a post early last summer about how Devin’s mind state when he made “To Tha-Xtreme”:

“He said he was experimenting with extacy and drinking a lot at the time and was going through a lot of personal problems. Hell, he said he couldn’t even listen to the album without crying, which is why he hasn’t listened to it since he recorded it. If you go back and listen, its probably his most personal/reflective album to date. He also said it was one of his lowest selling albums and he figured that people didn’t want to hear that kinda of shit from him, so…back to the smoking and fucking”

So that gives you an idea into his mindstate and why To Tha X-Treme was somber compared to his other albums.


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