Bridge With One Side Down

This post is a bittersweet one. I’ve been holding onto this sample for a couple weeks, just to post it today. Tonight, I was supposed to be going to see Wiz Khalifa perform, but I procrastinated and I couldn’t buy a ticket before they sold out. Oh well….

The song sampled in “Take Away” is “Bridge With One Side Down” by Family Circle. I’ve found a little bit of info on Family Circle, but I couldn’t find ANYTHING about this album, save for this. I did find a few songs from them YouTube, because they have been sampled previously, but there were only a couple.

If anybody can provide me with more info on this album and the group, hit me up.

Shoutout to Ilajide of CSF for providing me with this sample

More from CSF coming soon…..

Wiz Khalifa – Take Away
prod. by Big Jerm


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